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onion skin dyed
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onion skin dyed
2 available in stock

105 yards 8+oz each

Handspun locks

Plyed with copper lurex

 Hot water soak scrub finishing

Ready for immediate shipping
 I have saved a pound of red onion skins, actually I wild harvest them from the grocery store bins. While the washed, by me, wool is cooking in the mordant I am brewing up the skins. I have dyed a good 7 pounds of 3 fleeces. BFLx, Targhee x and chevoit. And being me some kid Mohair jumped in. So lots of texture as well as color. I split the dye pot into 3 first vats of a pound each. Cooked them and let them set. Removing this cooled wool there is still color. So I dyed more mordant wool. After it has all dried I put it through my triple picker. Then spun the locks on my Louet wheel. Plyed with a copper lurex. Finally each skein gets a hot water soapy scrub. 
 FREE SHIPPING on orders over 100.00

Thanks for looking !

Aqua Rain
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Aqua Rain
available in stock

105 yard skeins
approx 6 ounces
thick and thin spun
hot water soaked finishing
smoke free kitty friendly home shop
ready for immediate shipping
Lots of very soft merino wool from Colfax WA area mixed with kid mohair from Mohair Magic etsy seller. I washed and dyed the fibers with light olive, purple/lavender and aqua picked in my pat green triple picker. then spun on my Louet wheel and plyed with a fine pale green rayon yarn.
So soft and squishy.
one skein will make up into a good sized scarf or cowl or mittens or small shawl. i like to use a size 17 or 19 needle or a Q hook.
thanks for looking!

Solstice 14
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Solstice 14
available in stock

Lots of merino wool from Colfax WA. After washing I dyed the wool in many shades of orange. picked with lots of bright colors:aqua, pink, yellow, lime, and purple for a hot summery look. After spinning on my Louet wheel I plyed with a fine orange yarn. 

very soft and squishy. 

105 yards

thick and thin

hot water soaked for finishing

ready for immediate shipping

Peony Ice
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Peony Ice
available in stock

105 yards each

8-10 ounces each

Corespun locks

Hot water soak finishing 

Ready for immediate shipping

Very soft kid mohair locks from Mohair Magic I dyed with several shades of pinks, picked to fluff with my triple picker and I used a fine sturdy pink yarn to core spin on to.

So soft and fluffy

thanks for looking

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January Sky 17

Lots of very soft dark gray merino wool from Kalispel MT, picked with white mohair locks and wool...
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Out Of Stock!

Feel the buttery soft mohair for yourself. See the unique colorways. Recieve 6 to 8 different yar...
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Out Of Stock!

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January 18, 2020

i am all shoveled out and headed to Pottery Place Plus, downtown Spokane. i wont stay much past 3.  more snow is expected, so give me a call to be sure i am still there. 

also planning to come down tomorrow,  Sunday. 

After spinning up the sun in previous photo, I went out front and did this. Yes, I left a bit for the boss when he returns. That little kitty was a big helper. Day 9 of snow fall 18 inches. We usually get 7 inches of snow in January. More coming in this eve.

January 17, 2020

Copper Kettle my newest rustic handspun yarn.

Handspun art yarn rustic lock spun. I dyed several fleeces, bfl from Chewelah WA , rambouillet from Colfax WA,and kid mohair with a funky dye that breaks. All these colors from one dye. What happens is different colors that go into making the color attach to the wool at different temperatures. So


January 8, 2020
this month of January I am the guest artist at Pottery Place Plus, downtown Spokane rear of Aunties Book store, in the spectacular Liberty building. 
i hope to be there Saturdays and sundays spinning. my work is there all month for you to shop! 
if you want to meet with me please contact me as th specifically when. we are expecting a big snow this saturday and driving with even one snowflake is not my thing. 
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Pottery Place Plus· 

Featured artist Juaquetta Holcomb will be on site Sunday spinning and answering questions about all that goes into her yarns, garments, accessories. Come meet her!

December 28, 2019

Restock more handspun Rainbow Flurries.
And I have a mitten & scarf set available.

Handspun art yarn rustic and soft. big 105 yard, 8 ounce skeins lock spun plyed hot water soak finish smoke free environment ready for immediate FREE shipping. Natural oatmeal color rambouillet wool fleeces from Colfax WA area. After washing these myself, I picked them together with sari silk

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