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onion skin dyed

onion skin dyed


95 yards 8+oz each

Handspun locks

Plyed with copper lurex

 Hot water soak scrub finishing

Ready for immediate shipping
 I have saved a pound of red onion skins, actually I wild harvest them from the grocery store bins. While the washed, by me, wool is cooking in the mordant I am brewing up the skins. I have dyed a good 7 pounds of 3 fleeces. BFLx, Targhee x and chevoit. And being me some kid Mohair jumped in. So lots of texture as well as color. I split the dye pot into 3 first vats of a pound each. Cooked them and let them set. Removing this cooled wool there is still color. So I dyed more mordant wool. After it has all dried I put it through my triple picker. Then spun the locks on my Louet wheel. Plyed with a copper lurex. Finally each skein gets a hot water soapy scrub. 
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