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The wool and mohair used in my handspun yarns is grown on sheep and angora goats tended by local shepherdess. I buy only the softest and cleanest freshly sheared fleeces. I wash, pick, card, dye and spin these fibers into colorful, uniquely textured, one of a kind yarns.

Don't forget to select one free pattern with your order of yarn.

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September 25, 2016

We had a great Saturday at out Kootenai county Farmers Market. Thank you all who came. I just love visiting with everyone, sharing our yarn stories and seeing your completed or in progress projects. It was great to hear from so many that you came just for my yarns. really!! Oregon, the west side, Montana.....thank you all. 

it was our fall festival, which ment there was free scare crow building, face painting and pumpkin painting. The Cobras filled our air with their music. Pumpkin Ableskeivers, kettle corn, breakfast burritos, lambbkabobs, breakfast sausage muffins, fresh bread, cookies, coffee added to the air quality. I can never decide where to begin filling my tummy!

we have only 5 more market saturdays this season. Each with something special planned for you.

September 24, 2016

Saturday, Sept 24, I will be at the Kootenai County Farmers Market located 95 & prairie. open 9-130p. the fall produce is coming in now, squash, apples, sweet corn, good food, plants, flowers, coffee, breakfast, lunch, local crafters and live music. 

today is our Fall Festival. Lots of free family fun activities. build a scarecrow, paint pumpkins.....

My booth is located behind the stage, filled with tons of handspun yarns, hats, shawls all made by me from sheep and alpaca grown right here in eastern WA and N Idaho.

September 21, 2016

we are just back from 2 nights in Glacier Park. We hiked to Apgar Look out. 2300 ft climb over 3.6 miles. spectacular scenery all the way. It is the 3.6 mi steep down that burns! and tuesday we hiked 4 miles out of Highline trail. 8 total. Mostly flat, but 5500 feet along a 3 ft rocky ledge is intense and so beautiful. We went to the pass or saddle at Gould Mt, where you could see over into the other valley. 

And today Wednesday sept 21, I will be set up at our  Kootenai county Farmers Market. We are open 4 to 6:30 pm, downtown Coeur d'Alene Idaho, on 5th and Sherman. it is looking to be a cool sunny day. come out and join us, you will find fresh produce, cut flowers, good food, live music, soaps, mesage, pottery, photography, lotions and potions, ice cream, yarn art, jewelry, breads and enough handspun yarn to keep you happy all winter. see you soon.

September 16, 2016

lost count of how many fleeces i have washed and dyed this week. Fun fun fun.

my colorway spring Awakening has sold out. the purple/lily/gold color combo is always very popular. So i decided to dye up another lot. Spring had yellow gold dandelion colors in it. This will be a fall batch, so i will tweek this yellow to a rust gold. And fortunately i had half a jar of wattle bark. After dyeing up several pounds of purple, then several pounds of lily i realized this will need more of the rust accent. I have a great dark olive dye that always breaks to rust. I can dye up several pounds of this dark olive and have  the rust i need. then start something new with the dark olive. wouldnt you know it, this time the olive did not split out any rust. ok, i have a great golden orche i will use it and add a pinch of this olive. perfect! rust!and lets dye more of this with a gray fleece. here is that new colorway coming. Deep dark olive to an earthy rust. 

and this is how some color palets are born.

and how i go through so much wool, alpaca and mohair. 


Saturday Sept 17, I will be at our Kootenai County Farmers Market located 95 & prairie. open 9-130p.

My booth is located behind the stage, filled with tons of handspun yarns, hats, shawls all made by me from sheep and alpaca grown right here in eastern WA and N Idaho. 

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