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The wool and mohair used in my handspun yarns is grown on sheep and angora goats tended by local shepherdess. I buy only the softest and cleanest freshly sheared fleeces. I wash, pick, card, dye and spin these fibers into colorful, uniquely textured, one of a kind yarns.

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January 20, 2018

    the loom did get warped......And now to load the shuttles...

January 16, 2018

I think I will warp my loom this morning. 
What ever was I thinking.
Time for a walk.
It really isn't the jumble it looks like.

January 13, 2018


part of my guest artist space at Pottery Place Plus. downtown Spokane. i will be there sat and sunday january 13 & 14. my work is there thru january 31! stop in and check it out. FREE street parking on Sundays. 


Image may contain: shoes

January 3, 2018

More Sunny spring colors from my dye pots.

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