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The wool and mohair used in my handspun yarns is grown on sheep and angora goats tended by local shepherdess. I buy only the softest and cleanest freshly sheared fleeces. I wash, pick, card, dye and spin these fibers into colorful, uniquely textured, one of a kind yarns.

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September 11, 2020
My handspun yarn Cayenne. Wool accent yarns.
This cozy set is ready for our Sat farmers market.

August 28, 2020

While I watched the kid Mohair dye and dry, I spun some beautiful natural color Suri alpaca. This is my colorway Sante Dior. Sante is from Sid's Fiberland of Newman Lake WA. Dior is from Pleasant Prairie Suris of Otis Orchards WA. Both fiber farms down the road from me. Sante Dior is listed in my Etsy shop.

August 18, 2020

Special project here. Cindy Taskila asked me to make a dream catcher with this doily hand knit by her mom. The grey handspun mohair is from her angora goat Storm and the ceramic adornments were made by @Nan Drye. I wanted to keep it simple to feature the doily.

August 14, 2020

When I am not going to set up at the Wednesday Farmers Market and it is a beautiful cool August day I must have a good plan. Those indigo plants could be ready.
Yesterday I decided what I would dye so I could have it prepared, soaking in water. I usually indigo dye kid mohair locks. Since I am out I chose a skein of my handspun with kid mohair locks and lambs wool locks sugar Boy, a skein of handspun Suri alpaca locks Mia, several skeins of adult mohair Snowflake and some nice 4 ply white wool yarn. Thinking if the vat lasts through this I will dye some freshly washed Suri alpaca.
Today at sunrise I plucked my indigo plant leaves. Following Rita Buchanann's recipe i brewed them up and like magic I have blue yarn!!!
The most exciting thing ever.

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