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The wool and mohair used in my handspun yarns is grown on sheep and angora goats tended by local shepherdess. I buy only the softest and cleanest freshly sheared fleeces. I wash, pick, card, dye and spin these fibers into colorful, uniquely textured, one of a kind yarns.

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March 16, 2018

Just listed in my Etsy shop. Jaguar, 4 skeins big thick soft 105 yard, 8 ounce skeins. black alpaca carded with vibrant Sari silk and corespun on my Louet wheel. Alpaca from Jaguar of Mice Glen Alpacas Coeurdalene idaho.

March 14, 2018

Today I am picking the dry onion skin dyed wool. All 7 pounds of it. I dyed 3 fleeces, BFL a long wavy 6" staple, Targhee x a shorter curlier staple, chevoit shorter not curly staple. Along with all this texture I had 6 dye pots. 3 of the full strength brew, 2 seconds and then I had cooked up the onion skins again to use all the wool I had mordant. This is my Pat Green Triple picker. The picker opens the wool locks. Which fluffs and blends them. I have to take breaks as my shoulder gets exhausted.

March 14, 2018

My onion skin dyed wool. Probably 7 pounds. I was exhausted before the dye vats! But I kept it moving. Soon as it all dries I can put it thru my picker and start spinning. 
I love the color variation. The 3 first vats are more rust in color. The last 3 more golden and soft earthy yellow. I used several different fleeces, which also gives more depth to the final yarn.

March 12, 2018

The process of natural dyeing with onion skins. 
I sold out of my onion skin dyed yarns last weekend. Luckily I have just purchased white fleeces, and have a bucket of onion skins. 
after washing the fleeces, i must mordant the wool. one pound at a time i cook it with creme of tartar and alum st 170* for 45 min. then let it cool. hence all the buckets sitting and cooling. i do have another pot going in the garage. i am working on 5- 7 pounds. 

the onion skins will cook, in water, up to 170* for 45 min. then sit and 'brew' until the wool is ready. i will split this brew into 3 first dye pots. after each vat brews at 18*0 for 45 min it sets to cool. i lift out the dyed wool and combine the remaining into 2, second vats. i like to exhaust the color. stay tuned for the dyed wool pics!

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