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One free pattern with purchase of yarn.
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mitt pattern This bulky weight yarn mitten pattern is knit using 2 needles. The seam is up the side of the hand. ...
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Garter stitch cable pillow This pillow is knit from corner to corner, in garter stitch, with a fat diagonal cable. I used fric...
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Camel combining yarns cardigan This is the same pattern as the green combining yarns cardigan. I added cables in the front. I used...
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This garment is fun to knit, OR CROCHET. The original idea i found on the back of a 1996 holiday ...

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Cocoon this shoulder covering garment is a K2,P2 in an envelope shape. then folded in half lengthwise and t...
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lace shawl pattern

a simple repeat lace accents the novelty yarns. Using a size 17 needle this shawl requires 2 or 3...

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scarf pattern A simple scarf. size 17 needles, cast on 12 stitches. Knit every row until you are almost out of yar...
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crochet one skein shawl

Using a size Q hook I designed this double crochet shawl with one ,105 yard, skein of my yarn.

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Shoulder Shawl

one skein of handspun, 105 yards and lots of other stash yarns

size 17 needle

more info
Crochet purse

I used a size P crochet hook for this purse. One skein of my handspun yarn combined with a couple...

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July 20, 2017

Today I am dyeing wool with my iris flowers. As the iris flowers were spent i plucked them off and froze them. Now i need the freezer space for berries, cherries and peaches. So here is my recipe:

Heat the flowers, in a large pot with well water to 110* added the mordant wool. Let them soak a good hour being careful to keep temp low, under 130. Remove the wool and let dry. They looked purply blue in the pot, but upon pulling out they are more a greeny blue w a hint of purple. Maybe I have it too hot for purple and teal to stick. Add more wool as i could see I had a lot f color in my pot. Finding more yarn and roving to mordant and dye I left it sit over night after the initial 130 * for an hour. This pot sat for several days, just because there was still a lot of color left and I wanted to see if these skeins came out darker w a longer soak. They did not. All of this I let hang for several weeks to dry, always checking color fading. Then several skeins I washed, hand rinsed in warm water. Any purpleyness washed out, but a pretty soft green remained. The rest sat a good year in a basket near a window, not direct sunlight, to see any difference. The silk blend roving I spun then washed and any purplyness washed out also. But I do love the remaining greens.


16 ounces of purple iris flowers

at least 5 pounds of wool and mohair.

Alum and cream of tarter ,¼ the weight each of the dye matter per dye bath


how I mordant the wool:

soak wool a good hour.

dissolve alum and cot in hot water

add to mordant pot. of cool water.

add wetted wool.

Raise temp to 180* simmer 45 mn. Let cool. I keep lid on

July 19, 2017

Another beautiful Wednesday. today, July 19, I will be set up at our downtown Coeurd Alene Farmers Market, on 5th off Sherman. open 4-7. 

i have several new shawls, a couple dream catchers, small woven hangings, a couple new yarn colors. It does cool down to the 60s at night so a shawl is a good thing to have.

At the Market you will find an abundance of fresh produce, fresh cut flowers, food to eat right there, live music, soaps, pottery, kombucha, massage, local raised meats, fire pizza, kettle corn,wooden bowls, jewelry, fudge, sauces, snacks and wine sampling!!

see you soon!

July 15, 2017

Saturday July 15, I will be set up at our Kootenai County Farmers Market. located at 95 & Prairie north end of CoeurdAlene Idaho. open 9 to 1:30. i am booth 71, behind stage.  so many good foods, picnic tables to sit on right there and fresh local grown produce, starter plants, live music, fresh flowers, fresh eggs, local raised meats, kumbacha, local made art sold by the artists.

the temps are to be hot, hot, hot. so come early and enjoy the cool morning air in our beautiful setting in the pine trees.

i have been dyeing more yellow, my Sunny Solstice has been selling so i needed to make more sunshine. most of my knitting time i have been working on a big shawl. 

see you there.

July 12, 2017

We are enjoying a cold front now. highs in the 80s are a cold front. really! i have been repairing my garden drip system, en endless job, and finally painted the retaining wall. 

today I will be set up at our downtown Coeurd Alene Farmers Market, on 5th off Sherman. open 4-7. 

i have several new shawls, a couple new yarn colors. It does cool down to the 60s at night so a shawl is a good thing to have. 

winter is coming, sooner or later, after another stretch of upper 90s

see you this evening.  

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